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CNC Router Electronics are in!

We’ve received the electronics for the CNC Router! We’re trying to get everything up and running before going ahead and purchasing the mechanical pieces. Be sure to check out our forums to join in on the discussion!

Message from a Sponsor: Linking innovative technology with University System of MD resources presentation

The Patuxent Partnership (one of our sponsors) is holding a briefing that is open to the public. We wanted to share this opportunity with our viewers and membership. If you have a moment, be sure to look through what they

3D Printing Class tomorrow on Friday, January 24th at 6PM

Last minute 3D Printer class is now scheduled for tomorrow night on January 24th, 2014 from 6PM – 8PM Please signup on the PaxSpace calendar when it shows up, Should be soon. Or click the Menu Item “Events”  (Not Calendar

First PaxSpace Kids was a Success!

I am happy to say that our very first PaxSpace Kids event was a huge success!!  Not only was it well attended but the kids also seemed to have a good time.  I even think some of the parents enjoyed

PaxSpace CNC Router is moving forward

To get this project started, We have decided to purchase the core set of electronics to begin the CNC Router project. The goal is to build a 2’x4′ CNC Router at low cost with the capability for future upgrades. After

Introducing PaxSpace Kids

Getting the younger generation excited about learning is very important to PaxSpace. We will be hosting a monthly 2-hour session for kids where we will be doing anything from Snap Circuits to Arduino development to mobile app development. The space


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