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A little carpentry never hurt anyone.

The wife wanted a shelf on the counter top for spices and such. And while I was at it could I remove the Lousy Susans and put a shelf there too? Sure! Why not. Doesn’t have to be fancy and

Adjustable Dado Jig

Using the completed jig

I have a walk-in closet which recently underwent a rapid unplanned disassembly of sorts: To avoid future problems, I am going to replace the wire closet shelves with some sturdier shelves constructed mostly from 3/4″ plywood. My plan for construction

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IR Lap Timing Project for FPV Quadcopter racing

I made some progress on the Quad Copter lap Timing system this past week.  I have completed the Transmitter portion, see the pics below. What you are seeing is a long Start bit followed by 0b0010000 plus parity. Modulation is


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