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RFID Access Control is working

As of last night, the RFID access control system is up and functional! Be sure to slowly and firmly enter your pin (followed by a  #  ) after you swipe your RFID token. If you’re having issues with getting into

Thank you for coming to our Open House

We at PaxSpace would like to thank everyone who showed up for our Open House. It was a great success, one we hope to have again soon. Be sure to watch our events calendar and your email for updates about

Open House is Right around the Corner!

PaxSpace is getting more busy by the day as the opening of the Space is just around the corner. We still have a lot of things to get done and are certainly looking for people to help out as much

Our Wiki

Don’t forget to join PaxSpace’s wiki! It will be the main driver for dynamic content once the Space is fully up and running.

Open House is coming soon!

PaxSpace is ready for our Grand Opening! Mark your calendars for November 3rd for our Open House (details to come). For membership information, please follow the sign up link below.

Thank you for coming out!

Thank you to everyone who made it last night. We had 24 of the 28 Founding Members! There were some really great ideas and discussions happening both during and after the meeting.


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