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IR Lap Timing Project for FPV Quadcopter racing

I made some progress on the Quad Copter lap Timing system this past week.  I have completed the Transmitter portion, see the pics below. What you are seeing is a long Start bit followed by 0b0010000 plus parity. Modulation is

Cutting Acrylic on PaxSpace’s CNC Router

Using the CNC Router to make the electronics box for the CNC Router. Design was done in Sketchup 2014 with interlocking tabs. I used the SketchUCam plugin from Phlatscriptboyz to ready the design for the CNC Router. The SketchUCam plugin has two

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CNC Router is working!!!!

This is the first real object that has been cut by our CNC Router! The PaxSpace CNC Router works, but it is not ready for member use yet. The following tasks need to completed: The electrical box layout and wiring still

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Cool KickStarter, Chip Sized Arduino with OLED Display

I recently found this cool KickStarter, It is an chip sized Arduino with a built-in OLED display. The “microview” will be manufactured by SparkFun right here in the USA!!! It is only $45 by itself or $55 with the USB

CNC Router CDR Design is Ready!!!

  We had our “PDR” Design review last Friday and have made a few changes and added the X Axis bed to the Gantry design. The CNC Router CDR Design review is scheduled for 7:00 PM on Tuesday the 25th

Intro to Arduino Part 1 of 2

This is the intro to the Arduino microcontroller  and electronics in general.  No electronics experience is required. Part 1, will be 1 1/2 hours long from 7:00 to 8:30 PM, with time afterword for open experimentation. Date: Monday, February 24th,

Message from a Sponsor: Linking innovative technology with University System of MD resources presentation

The Patuxent Partnership (one of our sponsors) is holding a briefing that is open to the public. We wanted to share this opportunity with our viewers and membership. If you have a moment, be sure to look through what they

3D Printing Class tomorrow on Friday, January 24th at 6PM

Last minute 3D Printer class is now scheduled for tomorrow night on January 24th, 2014 from 6PM – 8PM Please signup on the PaxSpace calendar when it shows up, Should be soon. Or click the Menu Item “Events”  (Not Calendar

PaxSpace CNC Router is moving forward

To get this project started, We have decided to purchase the core set of electronics to begin the CNC Router project. The goal is to build a 2’x4′ CNC Router at low cost with the capability for future upgrades. After

President’s Update

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. For those that are staying local over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you will use the time to work on some of your projects at

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