Intro to Raspberry Pi

  The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional credit card sized computer that sells for around $30.RaspberryPi

The What

A 3 hour introduction to setting up and working with a Raspberry Pi will be held. Students will be able to physically handle a Raspberry Pi, learn how to login to the system (through SSH), learn how to install new software, and learn how to toggle bits from the GPIO pins using python.

The Who

The Instructors are:

Paul Di Biase:
Owns many Raspberry Pi’s and is a proficient Python programmer, the language of choice for the Raspberry Pi

The Where

The instruction will take place in the Computer Space @ PaxSpace Inc

The Requirements

  • Python Experience is a plus but not mandatory
  • General Computer familiarity is a plus but not mandatory
  • Access to a Raspberry Pi is a plus but not mandatory
  • The student must be a high school student or older unless accompanied by an adult

Equipment and Supplies

  • computers with python and SSH installed
  • PaxSpace or Student supplied/bought Raspberry Pis
  • prototyping bread boards and battery power supplies
  • sets of components and wiring

The Cost

  • Fees:
    • Members: Free
    • Non Members: $10
  • The student can bring their own Raspberry Pi or one will be provided for them.
  • Members will have the option of purchasing their own Raspberry Pi during class signup at a reduced rate $5 below cost.

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