Through-Hole Soldering

This class will introduce the student to through-hole soldering, a basic required skill to work with electronics. courtesy of jmsaavedra at instructables

The What

This class is mainly geared towards complete beginners to soldering. You will have the chance to practice soldering passive components as well as Integrated Circuits (ICs). At the end of the class, you will have your very own Arduino clone to take home with you so that you may continue on your path of hobby making/tinkering.

The Who

The instructors for this class are:

Paul Di Biase
Jim Shelton
Paul and Jim has been designing and creating integrated circuits and printed circuit boards for many years

The Where

The instruction will take place in the classroom and electronics space @ PaxSpace

The Requirements

  • No previous knowledge or experience required
  • The student must be a high school student or older
  • The student may be a middle school student with parent present
  • The general PaxSpace Waiver must be signed and on file

Equipment and Supplies

  • Soldering Stations
  • Bread boards
  • Passive components (capacitors, leds, crystals, chip holder
  • Atmega328 flashed with Arduino bootloader
  • Protoboard and wiring for assembly (including solder, flux and wicking if necessary)

The Cost

  • Members
    • Free instruction
    • $5 material costs
  • Non-Members
    • $10 instruction Cost
    • $8 material costs

All costs get donated with 100% pass-through to PaxSpace Inc as a general donation.

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