Contest Information

This page provides step-by-step instructions to compete in the Crab Pot Pitch Contest. Read through these instructions then return to this page to ensure everything is completed. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Step 1: Create Account

This username and password will provide access to your profile.

  • Select COMPETE > REGISTER from the menu at the upper right corner of the screen or click here.

Step 2: Create your Profile

Once your account is created, you may update your profile. You may edit your profile until the registration deadline. You must be logged in to edit your Profile.

  • To log in, select COMPETE > LOG IN from the menu (upper right corner of the screen), and enter your credentials.
  • To access your profile, select COMPETE > PROFILE from the menu.
  • To edit your profile, click the gear icon on the right side of the Profile screen and select Edit Profile.

This form is used to determine competition eligibility. This provides us with the information needed to qualify your presentation and introduce you to the audience.

You must register before April 2, 2020! Once you register, you will be contacted with next steps.

Step 3: Develop your Speed Round pitch.

  • All contestants will need to develop a single PowerPoint slide to present their Speed Round pitch.  You must submit this slide by April 2, 2020! You may email the slide to You are limited to one slide.

Step 4: Compete in the Speed Round.

You will attend the Southern Maryland Innovates meetup on April 19, 2020 and present your Speed Round Pitch. During the Speed Round, you and the other contestants will deliver your Speed Round pitches. You will have 90 seconds to present a single slide.

There will be a panel to select 4 finalists. The audience will select 1 finalist.

The 5 finalists from the Speed Round will compete in the Crab Pot Finals.

Step 5: Develop your Final pitch?

Finalists are expected to prepare a slide deck. Finalists will have 5 minutes to deliver your pitch. Please focus on the judging criteria. We suggest 4-6 slides. Email your slides to before the submission deadline.

The Southern Maryland Innovates team is available to help you! Please contact us if you would like help building your pitch.

You must submit all Final Round slides before May 7, 2020

Practice, Practice, Practice!

We strongly encourage you to practice both of your pitches. Pitch in front of friends, family, pets, whatever.

Southern Maryland Innovates is hosting a “Polish your Pitch” Session on Thursday March 12th.

If you are interested in practicing your pitch at this event, please complete this Pitching Interest Form.

To learn more about this event RSVP here.

There will be industry experts present to listen to your pitches, review slide decks, and provide feedback.

Step 6: Pitch at Finals!

The five finalists from the Speed Round will pitch at the Crab Pot finals. You will have a maximum of 5 minutes to present your slides to the judges. The moderator will stop you at 5 minutes. At the conclusion of your pitch, judges may ask questions and you may provide answers. This question and answer period is limited to 4 minutes.

Step 7: Fortune & Glory!

At the conclusion of Crab Pot Finals, the judges will deliberate and select the winners. We will then present the prizes and conclude the event.

Remember, this is not the end. Whether you have made it to the final round or not, this is a great opportunity to network with the judges and the audience and make connections to help you in your journey.