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    The Kossel Clear 3D Printer build party will start Friday November 28th at 10 AM at PaxSpace. With everyone’s help we may get this finished in a day. This should keep us well clear of Black Friday Nuts.



    any updates to post? I’d love to see some photos ( upload them here )



    At PaxSpace building and testing the 3D printer



    3D Printer Status:

    1) Printer is assembled with the exception of the LCD Control/Display panel (optional) Used for standalone printing.
    2) All Stepper motors are wired and working.
    3) Axis Limit switches are working.
    4) Computer is connected and working with the Arduino control board
    5) The printer Home’s correctly
    6) The Auto-calibration procedure works (Pretty cool)
    7) The Hot Bed & Hot End heat up
    8) The Extruder is working, extrudes and retracts filament.

    What is NOT working,

    1) The Hot End is not extruding any filament. A minuscule amount comes out. The extruder then starts to skip.

    2) I tried to print once, The Hot End went off the side of the printer. I think this is a set-up problem I have to figure out.

    I will be at PaxSpace tomorrow at some point. I will post when I am heading over on this forum.

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    Hi Jim. I think the thermistor needs to be calibrated. I imagine there must be something in the software to do this. You could also test to see if it has gone bad. If you know the type of thermistor you can get the datasheet for it and run some tests on it (in boiling water, or air gun) and see if the ohms match the datasheet.

    Also if the thermistor for the hot plate and the extrude head are different, they may have been swapped during build. The hot plate thermistor may only be good for lower temperatures with poor accuracy at higher temperatures.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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