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    I have a couple suggestions for class announcements.

    First, I would create a topic in the forum for each class where people can ask questions or share info before or after each class. I’d also suggest that you share the presentation in the thread for future reference or for people who can’t make it to the class.

    Also, I’d suggest coming up with a template for class announcement blog posts. That will make it easier for you to write the announcement and ensure that all of the necessary information is included. I’d suggest including:
    Location (if other than PaxSpace)
    Member/Non-member cost
    What to bring
    Summary of the class
    Topics that will be covered (helps us decide if the class is over our heads or if it is too basic to be of use)
    Link to the sign-up page
    Link to the forum discussion topic


    Nicholas Clark

    Thanks for the input Micah. I think posting class material/slides is a great idea. We actually have a custom content type that makes sure all classes have the same info on the site (under the classes menu). The problem is a couple of the classes were only added as events without a matching ‘class’ page. I’m actually in the process of documenting that process and we’re looking at tweaking out back-end workflows to make sure everything is consistent.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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