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    Michael Parks

    Want to see if there are any other ham radio hams in the PaxSpace crowd? If so, I am thinking about maybe setting up a basic ham shack at PaxSpace for Field Day this year. It is June 28 and 29 this year.

    Instead of focus on the competition of Field Day, thinking more about a way to introduce and educate folks about ham radio. Besides, who doesn’t want an excuse to spend 27 straight hours at PaxSpace? I believe it runs from 1pm on Saturday until 4pm on Sunday.

    So any interest? More info about Field Day is here… http://www.arrl.org/field-day


    Michael Parks

    and introduce and educate folks about PaxSpace too… If not, if there is any literature about PaxSpace I can drop it off to Hollywood Fire Dept, it is typically where the St. Mary’s County Amateur Radio Club holds their Field Day operations… figure hams are a good fit for the PaxSpace crowd.



    I’ve always been very interested in ham radio, just never had the opportunity to get involved. This seems like the perfect chance to!

    I think we’d love to have you come and setup something for the field day :)

    About some lit that you can drop off, we are actually actively attempting to create that literature. So keep an eye out in your inbox for a msg from us regarding some ‘marketing’ materials in the near future.


    Nicholas Clark

    i’m really looking forward to this!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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