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    This is Robin from PJRC. We make the Teensy board, an Arduino compatible dev board. I’d love to send you a small donation of several boards, absolutely free, if you think you could use them.

    These boards are Teensy 3.0, which has a 32 bit ARM microcontroller. Teensy 3.0 includes lots of built-in features and more memory than most Arduino boards, all in a small size that’s easy to use on breadboards or to embed inside projects. These particular boards are ones with slight cosmetic flaws, but they’re 100% functional. Rather throw them out, I’d love to see them put to good use in creative projects!

    This is a real offer. I promise that it isn’t spam and there are no strings attached. We just want to help people make cool stuff with electronics!

    Please let me know if you’re interested, and what is the best address to mail a small package to your group.



    Hi RobinC,

    Thank you for the interest in donating some Teensy Boards! They will certainly be put to good use and we at PaxSpace thank you for the kind offering.

    If you go to our Contact Us page, you see our PO Box mailing address. You could ship the items there and we will be able to make them available to our members.

    Thank you again!



    I must thank you for the Teensy’s that we received in the mail! They will be put to good use and will be made available to our members to tinker with!

    Really appreciate you taking the time, effort, and generosity to give these away!



    Thanks RobinC!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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