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    PyCAM is a very interesting tool… It looks like a one stop shopping piece of software to go from svgs and stls to gcode for milling with different tool paths…

    Check out the windows version (doesn’t even need installation… just runs in a standalone binary)…


    Matthew Virts

    PyCam is installed on the Dell Dimension 8400 in the electronics workspace as well as the Dell Poweredge 2950 Server and the CNC kiosk. (I put it on the server because it is painfully slow on the Dimension.)

    I really like PyCAM so far, although I haven’t actually used the gcode it generates.

    To install on debian:

    download the dpkg from the PyCam website.
    run ‘dpkg -i [file]‘ on the downloaded file
    run ‘apt-get install -f’ to fix the dependancies


    Matthew Virts

    Just ran across Solvespace, a seemingly amazing 3D parametric modeler for windows which seems to run perfectly under WINE. Play with it!



    solvespace looks amazingly simple (and it’s open source!) I wonder what it would take to get a linux version compiled and running. Its pretty cool that it runs under wine. Will definitely need to check it out.

    Do you know if it does CAM too? Its features suggest that it might but there are not examples showing CAM.



    shapeoko has a great wiki page detailing alot of options for cam

    Take a look at PathCAM… looks interesting!



    I ‘installed’ the windows version of SolveSpace on the paxspace-desktop-2 machine (the one facing the wood shop that is located in the electronics area).

    It runs really smoothly in PoL and seems to be really fully featured (tho I haven’t figured out how to load svgs into it yet… that would be the only feature I’m really missing).

    Also, it looks like it doesn’t do CAM, just CAD… Still trying to get a fool-proof (can get PyCam to work for 2 and 2.5D, 3D is still elusive) way of doing it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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