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    Michael Parks

    Anybody interested in tag teaming on an introduction to Arduino class?




    I should finish setting up the computers tonight and tomorrow and plan to step through the Intro to Arduino class on Sunday. I would appreciate any help, I am new to the Arduino, being a PIC guy. But it does not look difficult.

    I plan on using SparkFun class slides that can be found here:“>

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    Michael Parks

    What time on Saturday? I am free in the morning usually.


    Michael Parks

    Looks like a good tutorial!



    @sheltonjr, I’d like to learn basics of PIC and MPLAB. Is there a course for this in the works?

    BTW, it looks like I had a bug posting this the post went ahead of your post opposed to the end of the thread/below your post. I’m not sure if this is due to the @ tag or not.


    Michael Parks

    Not sure if you are going to use the Sparkfun tutorial as-is, but here is a presentation I did years ago, not pretty and maybe more than an intro class needs. Maybe an intermediate course, if interest is there? Not sure, just wanted to throw it out there.

    Edit: Not sure what is going on with link, looks like its trying to embed the slides.

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    @Michael Parks, thanks for the link to your presentation. I think that would fit into the end of an arduino class. After taking a very basic arduino class (this is an adruino, this is how you plug it in, this is how you write programs to it, this is how you do simple things like flash an LED, play a sound), its a great post intro to electronics. It answers the question of, “And now what?”… I definitely think we can leverage some of your material for the arduino class. No need to reinvent the wheel here@

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