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    My name is Jim Shelton. I am a co-founder of PaxSpace Inc. I am currently on its Board of Directors and hold the executive position of President. It was my crazy idea to start PaxSpace but could not have done it without my co-founders. As President, I will be working and coordinating with other organizations within the community and responsible for the overall execution of PaxSpace as directed by the Board of Directors.

    I am a computer engineer and I have been at Pax River since 1997. I was a avionics flight test engineer for the V-22 Osprey program until 2003 when I moved to Manned Flight Simulator to get more hands on in the creative process. Mostly writing code and integrating avionics hardware with our simulations.

    I am looking forward to getting back to the fabrication side of creativity and doing some metal and wood working.

    There is a saying: “He who dies with the most toys, Wins”. I have a different take on this that I plan to greatly increase here at PaxSpace. “He who dies with the most Skills, Wins”

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    Love that quote (your modified version).

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