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    My name is Paul Di Biase. I am a co-founder of PaxSpace Inc. I am currently on its Board of Directors and hold 2 executive positions (Secretary and Quartermaster).

    I am interested in a very large range of things…

    From hands on fabrication (using wood, metal, paper, fabrics, plastic, crocheting…)
    to hardware (arduinos, picaxes, avrs, pics, rasp pis, wireless communication, bluetooth)
    to software (c++/Qt development, web development, python development, Android development)
    to mixing all of them (home created opencv, android, web based security cameras comes to mind).

    I really wanted to help create a makerspace so that I would have a place to come and actually finish the projects that I started rather than having them sit in the corner while I start something new. Having others participate in projects that they’re interested in (hopefully some of my projects will draw others in) is a driving force in any collaborative environment.

    I am truly excited for the possibilities!

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    I’ve updated my wiki page to include an ongoing list of things that I’m interested in… Please feel free to hit me up with question/ideas!

    As mentioned above, I’m really looking forward to the collaborative piece of PaxSpace and working with others towards a common goal.

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