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    So Nick and I had a little brain-storming session(brought Zach L into the discussion as well) about our next revision of this project (the RFID access to the space). We came up with a few requirements during our requirements sourcing and wanted to document them so that membership could follow along/participate if desired.

    • Talked TCP to a server than controlled access
      • Written server would configurable (inheritable interface) as to how the access control is stored
      • Open Source and hosted on GitHub
    • Would need two pieces of standalone hardware
      • Outside piece
        • Keypad, RFID, LEDS, Buzzer, LCD display, Waterproof
      • Inside Piece
        • Receive inputs from outside
        • Talks ethernet to server (wired or wireless)
        • Can trigger the door when commanded
        • Can operate in complete stand-alone mode if no server is present
          • Possibly with another piece of hardware that just runs the server directly connected with POE to this inner piece (RPi?)

    This would allow us to just bolt on some new pieces of hardware whenever we wanted to add access control to any sort of interface (new room access, specific machine access, etc…).

    This would also allow us to have a simple package that we could ‘kit’ together to generate a stream of revenue (not income) for PaxSpace. Either assembled or in parts.

    With the software being open and free, it would allow people to contribute to make it better and put in bug reports against so that we can possibly make it better.

    Things this one would need.

    • micro-controller on the outside hardware
    • micro-controller on the inside hardware
    • Ethernet access on the inside
      • wired?
      • wireless?
    • Defined Tcp interface to and from the inside piece hardware
      • Possibly defined with protocol buffers? Json?
    • Server Software to control each specific access point
    • ???
    • Revenue

    Ideas? Thoughts? Problems?

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    As long as there is not a way to interface with the door lock through the outer box, I don’t think there is a problem having a microcontroller there.

    I agree on the building block approach.

    I found a cheap source for the keypads. This site is great for a lot of other things, header pins especially!

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