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    This is where I’m going to keep track of the rfid/pin access control project for PaxSpace.



    So far I’ve tested each component separately and then together on a breadboard.

    Below is the kicad schematic that will be present on the actual keypad (btw, kicad… pretty cool to use).

    Next up (tomorrow morning). Soldering it together, mounting it and then writing the software to drive it from the websites backend.

    More to follow.



    So I’ve spent the majority of today putting together the individual components.

    At last they’re all soldered onto one board and everything seems to be working just fine.

    Now to write some keypad hardware/software abstractions and get auto access running :)

    Cutting it close but looks like we’re gonna make it just fine :)



    So it looks like this project is complete and working(well rev 1 at least). I will be doing a detailed blog post about it sometime in the near future.

    If you are a member but do not have your accesskey yet, please be sure to contact me so that we can get you setup!


    Zachary Long


    Here is a quick look at a proposal for version two, I will add details tomorrow
    but I wanted to get this up here now …

    V2 Proposal Schematic

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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