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    One time, I did some community service at Part of that community service involved tossing a pallet full of old printers into a dumpster that was headed away to some recycling facility.

    Perhaps we could coordinate with SMARTCO to periodically take unwanted printers or other hardware off of their hands. Their old printers could be a good source of power supplies, motors, and other components that could be of use to PaxSpace members/projects.



    We actually have been working with SMARTCO. We went one time (took monitors, network switches, all in one touch computers, cables, keyboards, projectors) already and are hoping to go again soon (hopefully this weekend if we get everything in order).

    They are actually moving to a new location and will be dumping/recycling everything that isn’t moved… This will be happening soon so we are definitely going to want to stop by as soon as possible.

    Watch your email (and the Event Calendar) for updates.



    We need to organize a raiding party!



    So an update of this topic,

    Apparently SmartCo is going to be doing their final push to move into their new space this Saturday. We’ve been asked (but are still awaiting specific instructions) to ask if we can help and it was mentioned that anything that doesn’t get moved is basically free game to be had since it’s all going to be recycled by Tuesday of next week.

    I will be sending out updates as soon as we know more.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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