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New CNC Router Control Board

Our current CNC router is controlled by an Arduino Uno board with a perfboard shield on top that breaks out the connections to the motor drivers and limit switches. The perfboard solution was hacked together quickly to get the router

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Cutting Acrylic on PaxSpace’s CNC Router

Using the CNC Router to make the electronics box for the CNC Router. Design was done in Sketchup 2014 with interlocking tabs. I used the SketchUCam plugin from Phlatscriptboyz to ready the design for the CNC Router. The SketchUCam plugin has two

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CNC Router is working!!!!

This is the first real object that has been cut by our CNC Router! The PaxSpace CNC Router works, but it is not ready for member use yet. The following tasks need to completed: The electrical box layout and wiring still

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