First PaxSpace Kids was a Success!

I am happy to say that our very first PaxSpace Kids event was a huge success!!  Not only was it well attended but the kids also seemed to have a good time.  I even think some of the parents enjoyed playing with our Snap Circuits.


Based on how well things went this past weekend I will definitely be continuing as planned for the 3rd Saturday of every month.  I am currently developing a workshop that will focus on some simple (and safe) science experiments that I think the kids will truly enjoy.  For those of you that were unable to attend this week I will be doing another Snap Circuits workshop at a later date.  You may also contact me directly at if you would like more information about bringing your child to the space.  I’d also love to hear your thoughts on possible future PaxSpace Kids topics!

Nick, VP

2 comments on “First PaxSpace Kids was a Success!
  1. Justin Thomas says:

    This program is a great addition to PaxSpace. Can’t wait to make it to one with the kids!

    Also, I noticed this is one of the very few pictures of people on the sight. Is there a way we can make it easy for people to add pictures of members using the Space on the main page of website? I think since Community is one of our main things, we need to get more Community pics on the front page.

  2. Nicholas Clark says:

    We’ll have to come up with an easier way but for now members can always contact Paul or myself with anything they want posted. We’ve been discussing a workflow to allow members post to the blog directly and will update everyone when that is put into place.

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