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It will be the main driver for dynamic content once the Space is fully up and running.

3 comments on “Our Wiki
  1. William Lehman says:

    Hi I am starting a robotics business on the web. I use the solidoodle 3D printer. I have used sketchup but there are also other free 3D editiors out there.

    Don’t think I can make it sunday but would love to vist sometime.


  2. William Lehman says:

    Hi again

    Great site! Great public service for the area to have!

    Thanks to all those Jim etc. who started this.

    Also noticed you already have been using sketchup so please disregard previous comment. Will be happy to help with other open source CADS to help community and suplement sketchup like SCAD etc.

    Thanks again

    William Lehman

    Great Wiki :)

  3. Paul says:

    Hi William, thanks for the compliments on the site and wiki :) We are trying very hard to streamline our image and this has been one huge step towards that goal. Thank you for noticing! :)

    Yes, we’re currently planning on using sketchup but are not limiting ourselves to it. I’m also verse with OpenSCAD and solidworks (tho solidworks isn’t free). If we find that the membership wants to go one way more than another, we will do so :)

    Also we’re always looking for more people to help out with our planned classes/events (one of which is a 3d CAD class). If you’re interested, let us know and we’ll be sure to include you (and anyone else interested) in those discussions

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